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How Scrapping Your Car Is Good For The Environment

Did you realize how scrapping the car could benefit the planet?

In the UK Legal car scrappage facilities must comply with environmental laws that require recycling different components and other materials. For instance, the existing metals that can be recycled stop the need to mine new mineral or metal resources.

Before the regulations were put in place in the past, scrapping vehicles caused environmental harm, since the toxic fluids inside the vehicle were not removed prior to being compacted. This led to contamination of water systems and the soil at scrap yards can be extremely hazardous to the health.

Environmental regulations today help in reducing the toxic effects of scrapping cars. Additionally, substances like mercury are eliminated and recycled in a safe manner. Scrapyards for cars are required to use the right equipment to handle hazardous substances and have a strong infrastructure to stop the release of toxic substances.

Scrap Parts that are Recycled Can be Recycled

If you are considering scrapping your car, it is best to search around to find the best price for scrap cars. There are many variables that can affect the price you pay when scrapping your car, however, if all of the components remain intact it is likely that you will be able to get more than when you just remove the pieces. Certain parts could be worth more than you imagine.

Another reason is that scrapping cars is beneficial to the environment. Scrap parts can be reused for an alternative vehicle. From mirrors and tyres to radiators and batteries some of the components of your vehicle could be able to live in a new vehicle which will prevent them from becoming waste. This has an impact on the environment, meaning less material will need to be manufactured.

To make steel to make new automobiles massive quantities of coal are burnt, which produces greenhouse gases, which cause pollution. If we can reuse and decrease the amount of steel needed to be made and the impact for the planet will be considerably smaller.

Scrappage Scheme

A number of manufacturers have offered incentives for trade-ins to encourage owners to make the switch to a lower polluting model. There’s also Ultra-low-emission zone (ULEZ) which entered in April of the beginning of this year, in London. The drivers will be charged for diesel vehicles that do not conform to those Euro 6 standards, or the petrol vehicle they drive does not conform to those Euro 4 standards, to operate in a certain zone. The designated zones will be expanded in the future years.

To address this issue it has been introduced an innovative car scrappage program that has been put in place for lower income or disabled motorists living in London. It will let them be reimbursed for the cost of scrapping their vehicle in the event that it does not meet the ULEZ requirements and then upgrade to a model that is cleaner.

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