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Should I buy Part Worn Tyres?

In times of economic stress it’s not surprising that drivers are looking to cut costs for car maintenance. One way to do this is to buy parts worn tyres rather than new ones.

The law in the UK on Part-Worn Tyres

In the case of parts worn tyres, whether buying or selling them isn’t illegal. The industry body TyreSafe estimates that about 5.5 millions used tyres are offered for sale in the UK each year. The sellers are required by law to meet and comply with the strict requirements of which means that second-hand tyres are in good working order and are inspected for large cuts, bulges and other visible damage and also for the internal structure and cords are apparent. They must be able to have at least 2 millimetres of tread over the diameter and the circumference. They should also be to be permanently and clearly labeled as “part worn” and this must be displayed in capital letters of at minimum 4 millimetres in height on the sidewalls of the tire.

These rules appear simple, and many worn tyre dealers will be identified as meeting them however if you’re thinking of buying a new pair of used tyres we suggest that you be sure you know where you’re buying they are from and that they meet all the legally required regulations. Also, you should be aware that if your tyres do not meet the minimum standards they could result in an accident that is very serious.

The Benefits of Part-Worn Tyres

The act of buying a second hand vehicle, and having the tires replaced is like purchasing second-hand tyres. Many will have done this and not know the origins of the tyres from or what their story is.

In some instances, part worn tyres have been brought to Germany The legal minimum tread in Germany is 3mm and in the UK it’s 1.6mm and a partially worn tyre that is imported from Germany is likely to have more tread and may be able to be able to cover a few thousand miles.

The main benefit of buying used tyres is that they are much cheaper than new tyres. Additionally, if you purchase a set used rubber, you’ll be able purchase better quality tyres from the top brands, instead of cheap tyres made by manufacturers you’ve not had the pleasure of hearing about.

The main benefit of purchasing used tyres is that they cost less than purchasing original tyres. Additionally, if you purchase a set of used rubber, you’ll be able purchase high-quality tyres from larger brand names, as opposed to cheap tyres made by manufacturers you’ve not ever heard of.

The disadvantages of having worn Tyres

Safety is very easy when someone has taken the tyres in their vehicle, they have done it because they believe they are unsafe. If these tyres aren’t enough for another driver, do they fit your vehicle and you?

Because they are treadless than the brand new tyre the tyres that are worn out will offer less grip, particularly when they are wet. This means that your vehicle will be less stable and also less cornering grip and brake grip.

It’s important to remember that second hand tyres don’t endure as long as brand new tyres. You’ll have be replacing them much more frequently and your savings will be smaller in comparison to what they appear at first. New tyres could have treads of 8mm and worn tyres can last for only a few hundred miles, which means they’ll require replacement rapidly.


In the past, remoulded tyres as well as recycled tyres were common, they are now permitted in the UK however they must conform to strict regulations. If they’ve been produced with care, they shouldn’t be any more dangerous than new tyres. Retreading tyres requires removing the tread and sidewall off of an old tyre. The tyre’s structure needs to be in good shape and new rubber has to be sprayed onto the carcass. The cheapest tyres of the Far East have also become more popular, although recycled tyres are far more well-known.

Should I purchase Part Worn Tyres?

If it is absolutely proven that worn tyres remain secure and comply with all rules and regulations There’s no reason to doubt it. But, that’s not the reality, in fact when there’s an area of maintenance that isn’t worth sacrificing and save money, it’s the part of your car that comes in contact with the road, and that’s the tyres.

Pirelli UK, a global tyre firm. Pirelli UK, states that it’s vital that all part worn tyres are thoroughly checked both externally and internally. Tyres that have structural issues shouldn’t be offered for sale.

If you’re searching for partially worn tyres, get in touch with our specialists at SAO tyres right now.