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Why You Need To Install The Best Security Locks On Your Van

The number of van burglaries within the UK has been escalating to epidemic proportions. In the UK in general, there are more than 20,000 thefts from vans each year.

These statistics are terrible when you look at them. However, statistics aren’t the only thing to consider. Van thefts can ruin businesses’ livelihoods and cost contractors millions of dollars in order to replace lost equipment. In addition, there are increases in insurance costs and cost of not being working.

It is therefore sensible for all businesses and contractors to make sure the safety of their cars. secure as is possible.

In all aspects of life, prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true for van thefts. The process of stopping thieves is simpler and cheaper than trying to handle the consequences.

Tips for security to prevent thefts from vans

There’s great news: that you can deter theft in many ways. A car equipped with high-quality locks and the most effective alarm for your van will stop most thieves. However, there are other ways you can lower the chance of theft.

Install the highest quality locking system for your van. A skilled thief could steal a car within less than two minutes. The addition of additional locks can lower the chance of succeeding. Installing heavy-duty locks on the doors will give you extra security. It is also recommended to install deadlocks. These locks are simple and highly effective because they aren’t based in the same way like the standard door locks. In addition, they aren’t as expensive.

Slam locks are yet another method of defense. They’re great because they automatically lock van doors when they’re closed. They are particularly useful to delivery driver who frequently move their vehicles and park them. Contact us for assistance and a quote to install the most efficient locking system for vehicles.

Clean the van after dark. It’s easy to say. Sometimes, it’s not practical. Particularly when you are working. However, removing valuable items from a van left unattended for a long time is a good idea.

Have extra van security lock installation in place. Your vehicle already has an alarm that was factory-installed. You should think about upgrading to an aftermarket van alarm. Every level of protection is beneficial and we’ll be able to advise you what the most effective alarms for your vehicle. The best alarm for your van will not just protect your equipment and tools. It could also prevent thieves from taking off with your van. Another incentive to improve your van’s alarm.

Parking in a well-lit location. If you own a compound, this is simple enough to set up. However, if you’re a contractor and you park the van in your home,, keep it locked in a safe garage. If you don’t have a garage, and you have to park your vehicle in the open, make sure there’s at minimum an automatic floodlight that is motion activated.

Don’t let your guide down.

Thieves aren’t just a threat in the night. Make sure the van is secured. Even during the day , when working on site. Always shut all windows. Also, regardless of how far away the location Never leave keys inside the ignition.

Install with a tracker

Even with the most effective security measures thieves still be successful. It could be simply a matter of not locking the doors or setting an alarm.

Installing the GPS tracker could help in the recovery of stolen vehicles. If the vehicle is stolen, by thieves, a tracker will not stop the theft of equipment. However, it will ensure that the chance of recovering a van that is expensive. Contact us for advice on the best tracker to track your car.


The likelihood of recovering stolen tools is low to none. The police will not provide much assistance. They have a limited amount of resources and will not be able to look into the crime. They’ll likely only be able to assist in giving you a crime number. Then it’s about insurance.

It is essential to ensure that you have a strong insurance policy. Your policy must be able to cover every risk. Most important to do is make sure the policy covers the contents of your van, including the tools and equipment. If you are transporting goods, be sure that the policy protects the loss.

Of course one of the issues concerning insurance is its cost. If you’re fortunate enough to be required to make a be a victim of your policy, you can be sure that your premiums will go up the following year.

Don’t feed the fire!

In the end, thieves would not attack vans if there wasn’t an industry for the tools they take. Don’t offer them the possibility of a market. Don’t buy second-hand tools in the absence of an authorized dealer. Be wary of auction websites.