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7 benefits you get when you use a Realtor to sell your home

You may think that you don’t require a Realtor to help sell your home in the age of Zillow and Trulia. A Realtor may not be necessary.
A Realtor can be a valuable asset to your sale. Here are 7 reasons to use a Realtor to help you sell your home.
#1 — You’ll likely make more money

Collateral Analytics conducted a July 2017 study and found that For sale by owners (or FSBOs, for short) are not saving anything. In some cases, they may even be losing more money by listing with an agent. The study revealed that FSBOs sold homes for 5.5 to 6% less than properties sold by Realtors using MLS.
#2 — You’ll get greater exposure for your home

Only Realtors are permitted to market homes on the MLS. The MLS will not list homes that have been sold by themselves without a Realtor.

Why is that important? The MLS is the place that most Realtors go to when searching for homes to show potential buyers. Your home is listed in the MLS to get the most exposure. The property is actively marketed and displayed to the 13,000+ Realtors. Third-party sites such as Trulia or Zillow also often syndicate it. You get the best of both.
#3 — An expert in the field will guide you through the transaction

While Realtors may have special training in the field of real estate, it is not enough to be an expert. Experienced Realtors can also provide you with hands-on knowledge. They will share their market knowledge, have an understanding of the history of sales in your community, and can conduct detailed analyses of comparable homes that are for sale in your local area.

An experienced Realtor is able to predict what will happen in negotiations and create strategies to overcome these obstacles. You can get the best deal by leveraging your experience.

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#4 – You will have a skilled negotiator representing your interests

An experienced Realtor can be a skilled negotiator. They are more familiar with the common negotiation strategies and can anticipate any surprises. This means that there are fewer surprises at the closing, which will lead to better results and greater satisfaction.
#5 – You will have someone watching out for you best interests

A Realtor has a fiduciary obligation to their client. They are required to consider your best interests first.
#6 — It saves you a lot of headaches

Are you ready to have your phone ring and your emails explode? It is a common problem for homeowners to try to sell their homes on their own.

You should think about it. Agents, nosy neighbors, or potential buyers may contact you directly to view your home. The next step is to handle disclosures, inspections and contracts. After your home has been sold, you will have to contact the Title Company and any other parties in order to close the deal. You can have these details handled by a Realtor.
#7 – You have nothing to lose

If your home is sold, realtors will only get a commission. There is nothing to lose.
You should look for someone who is experienced

You now know the value of a realtor and how they can help you. Start looking for someone with real experience to get you what you want. A Realtor should be honest with you, provide market trends and help you develop a strategy marketing plan that will get your home noticed on the MLS.

Ask family members and friends to recommend a Realtor, but make sure you do your research. Because you’ll spend a lot time with your Realtor (and will have to refer friends and family), make sure you do your research.