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Accommodation options for Leicester students

Halls of residence for students are always the first port of call for those who are just beginning their university journey. The majority of first-year students opt for university halls, but private halls are also used for international students or postgraduate accommodations.

In this article we look at the numerous private lodging options for students including the Leicester student studio, and compare them to the typical student halls. We also discuss what you should look at when choosing student housing, and why renting with us is an ideal option if are looking to live in a place that is better than university halls for your time of study.

Accommodation options for students

University halls are a fantastic accommodation option for first-year students looking for a social living experience when moving away from home. As first-years might not have made friends prior to arriving in a new city, a university room is a fantastic option to meet new people immediately upon arrival. In university halls where you can have your private room. However, you’ll have shared areas with other students, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and a lounge/social space and you could share with as many as fourteen other students. This can be exciting or a bit difficult. Another type of university-managed accommodation is private halls; these are different from residential halls. Postgraduate and international students typically opt for private halls because there are options for quieter and more private living.

However, private sector accommodation is different from residence halls and private halls altogether. This type of student accommodation is designed to provide more accommodations options, such as a one-bedroom flat or shared.

Some students, especially second and third years, choose to live in student housing once they are out of student halls.

University accommodation is an affordable and straightforward choice for first-year students looking to socialize with new acquaintances. You will be automatically directed to lease halls of residence accommodation once you enroll for your first year at university. Student residences are usually close to one another and the majority of students live in the same place, which is great to socialize in. Additionally, you may choose a catered hall to take the pressure off during meal times. You could also select an en-suite bathroom for greater privacy, although it is not always guaranteed.

The student halls aren’t suitable for everyone. Student rooms typically are smaller and generally less modern than private accommodation; many provide only a single bed. In addition, you’ll not have a choice about what you’ll be living with or how many people you share your space with.

Why should you choose student halls

Student halls are ideal for students who wish to take in all the benefits of university life and more, such as sharing their the first home away from home, with many other students. It is also possible to live in a village of students and having your buddies just around the corner. It is true that the cost of renting student residences tends to be lower for first-year students. Furthermore, they’re an ideal option for a stress-free living space since the university typically takes care of everything when you sign up.

Private accommodations

Private accommodations allow you to either live on your own or with others. However, the main advantage is that the purpose-built student accommodation often has higher quality amenities , giving you more space and comfort than the student halls. These buildings are usually situated in a central location and are close to your university. You can guarantee the type of room you want, for example, en-suite studio or apartment. The cost of bills is usually included in private accommodations which means you are able to budget each month. Finally, private rented accommodation offers greater security and privacy than university halls.

While private accommodation has many benefits, it may cost more than accommodation provided by your university. You’ll need to put your accommodation search into your own hands. There’s always the possibility of shared living or a studio that could be much more cost effective for students looking to save on living expenses.

Why should students stay in private accommodations?

Private student housing could be the perfect option for those who are looking for more confidence. There is a greater variety of living optionsavailable; you can pick single or shared housing and an en-suite bathroom, a one-bed unit, or a studio flat. If you are looking for comfort in your accommodation for students, many offer a 3/4 -sized or double bed in every room, high-speed internet and other amenities within the building such as the cinema, common room, and games rooms.

Private lodging is typically situated in the city’s central area close to campus buildings, so it can often be more convenient for students, particularly at city-based universities.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to live in a student house?

There is no requirement to live in student accommodation You can live at home or in private housing as a first-year student; it is also possible to live with people who are not students However, this could cause issues with taxes imposed by the council.
How much does uni accommodation cost?

The typical student based in the UK will pay around 150 dollars per week to live in accommodation on an average. However, university accommodation costs differ greatly depending on the type of accommodation you’d like to live in and where you attend at the university.