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Five Advantages Of Investing In Good Scaffolding Equipment

Don’t avoid the obvious It’s true that the quality of your scaffolding is vital. While penny pinchers might be attracted to save a few dollars by purchasing second-hand scaffolding or selecting a brand that is less expensive but cutting corners on your scaffolding prices can directly impact the safety and efficiency of your employees.

When it comes to working at heights it is essential to ensure that the scaffolding is durable, stable and 100 % fit for use. In this blog we’ve listed the top five benefits of investing in high-quality scaffolding equipment.

1. Minimise the risk of injuries

There’s no way to make mistakes when working at height. Produced with the most durable materials, high-quality scaffolding allows you to create a safe working space for your employees and reduce the risk of injuries.

You might be surprised by the fact that a majority of manufacturers don’t meet the modern safety standards. The scaffolding we offer is ISO 9001:2015-certified and have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet local safety and quality requirements. Utilizing scaffolding that is compliant not only creates safer working conditions, but also reduces the possibility of litigation in the event that an accident occurs.

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2. Long-term cost-effective

If you’re a small business trying to stay competitive on the market, the upfront costs of buying new scaffolding equipment can be a little off-putting. If you look at those numbers, you’ll find that purchasing your own scaffolding may be cheaper over the long term especially when working on projects that are long-term or you plan to use the scaffolding frequently.

On top of that the best scaffolding will remain in value. In the event that you choose to sell the scaffolding you have purchased after the projects are completed then you’ll probably be able to recover the majority of the capital investment you made at first.

3. It is more reliable than purchasing second-hand

Although purchasing second-hand scaffolding may be a savvy method to cut costs It’s essential to be aware that the equipment might not have been taken care of properly during the time of the owner.

There are many factors to take into consideration that include:

Who manufactured the scaffolding?
How old is the scaffolding?
Was it properly stored and is it well maintained?
Have you had it tested recently?
Does it show signs of damage?

…and more. Depending on its condition components might need to be replaced; in the event of a catastrophe, the scaffolding may be unsafe to use altogether.

When you purchase new, high-quality scaffolding is that you are fully aware of what you’re getting yourself into and are able to trust that your product will be exactly as advertised. Our products are covered by an extensive warranty that provides our customers with complete assurance of their purchase.

4. Improve productivity

There’s no better alternative to say it the way it is: certain types of scaffolding can be a hassle to put up. They’re bulky, complex, and require a lot of unnecessary elements – all of which could hamper your productivity when it comes to setting up and deconstruction.

Quality scaffolding is engineered to maximize efficiency. Reduced assembly time with clever design decisions and intelligent components allows your team to work more productively and stay ahead of the project’s schedule without having to make any compromises to security.

5. Expert support

The last but not least is that when you buy quality scaffolding from a reputable company, you’re dealing directly with an industry professional that is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the industry. We are proud to provide outstanding service and are delighted to share the knowledge we have gained with our customers.

We’ll make sure you’re fully educated on our scaffolding and answer any questions you might ask to ensure that you get maximal ROI, security and performance from our products.

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