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Introduction To Security Gates and Barriers

There are various types of gates for security we use, all made to be adaptable for installation regardless of the place or purpose.

An Introduction Security Gates and Barriers

The choice of a security gate’s design is vital to the security of your premises. Each type of gate comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. They can be narrowed by looking at the accessibility needs as well as site restrictions, costs traffic flow, call for response time requirements and landscaping needs, as well as design aesthetics, and counter space needs.

Different types of Security Gates and Barriers

We offer a range of different kinds of gates and security barriers that will meet the specific needs of your site.

Bi-fold Gates

Bi-folding trackless speed gates can be opened quickly, allowing a quick flow of traffic while maintaining the security of the building. They’re the best security solution for large openings, such as factories and warehouses.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

Our sliding gates for industrial use are suitable for areas that have heavy use, however they require durability and minimal maintenance. These gates slide easy to set up and are constructed and installed in accordance with the latest safety standards of BS/EN12453.

Swing Gates

We have Swing Gates can be manufactured and controlled to meet the specific requirements of your business. This means width, height as well as depth, texture, and even color!

Vehicle Barriers

The barriers on vehicles are great for traffic control and are equipped with a variety of features that can be modified to fit the requirements of the site. They also provide a great solution to secure car parks as they create the appearance of a physical and visible barrier to deter criminals.

The vehicle barrier that is that is installed will be CE registered and in accordance with the current safety standards. Our preferred vehicle barrier systems can be set up to handle an array of traffic and site applications, providing an unlimited parking control system and flexibility. The barriers can be integrated with existing traffic access control systems such as car tagging, access cards as well as ANPR technology.

Security Gate and Barrier Maintenance

All gates and barriers require regular maintenance. For instance, gates must be replaced with new ones if damaged areas become apparent. Routine inspections are essential to make sure that the system is functioning in a proper manner. When systems are scheduled to run for extended periods duration, these systems require frequent inspections as water may build up in certain components.