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Should I replace my sash windows?

I’ve draughty rubber frame sash windows. What can I do?

You will find scores of homes throughout the UK with draughty cork sash windows, and we quite often get asked the most effective way making them much more energy-efficient.

Should you simply draught proof or even go through a complete restoration process?
In the event you switch to standard double glazing?
What kind of sash double glazing exists?

In this particular blog we check out the options of yours and enable you to learn what’s ideal for the property of yours – beginning with the least expensive options first:
Draught proofing your sash windows

Draught proofing is a thing you are able to get done expertly whilst refurbishing the windows, or perhaps as a distinct program, and also it’s additionally covered under the Green Deal. Draught proofing is considered the most economical way of enhancing the effectiveness of the windows of yours, and it is especially efficient on sash windowpanes, as they’re far more susceptible to draughts compared to regular windows. It basically involves producing an air tight seal around the frame of each one of the sliding windows in the sash frame.

Draught proofing the windows of yours are able to help you save about £50 a year, therefore it’s absolutely worth looking at. You are able to obtain an expert to draught proof the house of yours, which will cost between £200-400, though you are able to additionally DIY it in case you feel up to the job, at a portion of the cost.

Installing blinds and curtains

Heavy curtains are usually frequently overlooked as a way to help lower heat loss from windows. If you’ve at least one present curtains on the sash windowpane, determine in case you are able to put in thermal curtain lining into the rear of them to enhance the thermal efficiency of theirs.

In case you’ve absolutely no curtains in many, think about using them since throughout winter months a heavy pair of curtains may actually help end cold draughts.

The benefit of this alternative is the fact that in case you are skilled at DIY throughout the house you must be ready to set up the railing and also curtains yourself. The disadvantage is the fact that not everybody wants the sight of curtains and so they could block some helpful light, making the location appear gloomier than it must do.

Installing secondary glazing to sash windows

You will find 2 kinds of secondary glazing on the market place these days – temporary secondary glazing and fixed permanent glazing.

Fixed secondary glazing typically has panels which slide more than one another, but can’t be taken out of the window frame. Once frowned upon as a cheap, unsightly inclusion to a house, modern-day secondary glazing can in fact look pretty classy, and vastly enhance the winter functionality of the window.

Refurbishing sash windows

Sash windows are made to be refurbished on a regular basis, every ten years or perhaps so. With time, the frame and glass can become loose in the sash package, as an outcome of the motions of the home together with the expansion as well as contraction of the timber – what this means is that gaps for draughts tend to be more prone to have through the years. Additionally, since many older sash windows are produced of wood, they’re far more apt to decay over time, therefore normal painting is crucial to help you avoid this.

Refurbishing will obviously cost much less (approximately £200 a window) compared to brand new windows, and also can give the windows of yours a brand new lease of life. The refurbishing procedure consists of being having, re-assembled, re-corded, re-aligned, adjusted, eased, and dismantled a brush pile draught sealing system fitted. Along with enhancing the effectiveness of the windows it’ll additionally cause them to become smoother to widen and help eliminate draughts. It’s a great time to get expert draught proofing installed also.

A common price for this particular service is about £200 every window, therefore it’s not dirt cheap, but substantially less costly compared to brand-new windows! At times it can save you simply almost as new windows also.
Double glazing sash windows

To replace the sash windows of yours with double glazed sash windows is a great way to maintain heat in your home.

In order to provide you with a concept of cost, wooden sash windows are able to cost roughly £1,300 every, whilst uPVC are usually less expensive at roughly £700 every window. Sash double glazing windows continue to be a lot more costly than getting conventional double glazing, and that works out at roughly £300 every window on average.

As we’ve pointed out elsewhere, it’s not cost-effective in terminology of energy efficiency to shift to double glazing, quite possibly on an old home with big sash windows. The power cost savings by replacing sole glazed windows with two-fold glazed are not near as substantial as lots of window companies claim. However, new windows can definitely enhance the look of the property as well as make rooms feel much more comfy in terminology of temperature, therefore it’s always something we’d recommend whether funds can be found.
uPVC sash windows

uPVC sash windows are available, and they’re about a third cheaper compared to wooden sash equivalents. The benefit of uPVC obviously is the fact that less maintenance is needed, and they usually has lengthy guarantees, though the lifespan of theirs is apt to be under well maintained wooden sash windows. Regrettably, uPVC likewise have the possibility to devalue a period home, as individuals like the first wooden windows aesthetically.