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Top Reasons To Service Your Boiler

The maintenance of your boiler is crucial to ensure that you do not require urgent boiler repair.

When it comes time to get an annual boiler maintenance It’s easy to put it off and allow your boiler to run until the next year. The pace of life is hectic and there are plenty of household chores to complete. The issue with this however, is that while you could get a lower boiler maintenance cost, you could be taking an even greater financial loss when your boiler ceases to work.

Actually, getting that annual boiler maintenance and service is much more important than you may believe. Do you doubt us? Here are four good reasons why you should book this boiler service right now.

It is possible to spot issues With Your Boiler Before They’re a Problem —

One of the major benefits of having an annual boiler maintenance is that it provides you with the opportunity to detect and correct any problems before they turn into a major problem. While we think of boilers as an instrument for winter the fact is that our boiler is utilized all the time to ensure that everyone has warm water to shower, wash dishes, and for other tasks.

But, as winter approaches we use our boiler is used to keep our homes warm. Therefore, if there’s been minor problems for example, like an obstruction to the condensate it is likely that the issue will become a major issue and cause the boiler to break down in winter. However, the majority of issues are easily identified and resolved during a maintenance and your boiler will run smoothly throughout the winter.

Servicing Makes Your Boiler Last Longer –

Most of us, we don’t bother getting a boiler service because it will reduce our expenses. But this is a false economics because a yearly servicing (and any repairs you may require) is much less than buying a brand new boiler. If you keep your boiler in good condition all issues are addressed in time before they cause permanent damage to the boiler.

So, when you get an annual maintenance service, your boiler will likely last longer than a similar model which hasn’t been serviced. This will help you save more over the long haul.

Boiler Service is essential for Your Warranty

If you purchase a brand new boiler, you’ll likely receive a warranty that lasts between 5 to 10 years . It will cover the cost that result from your boiler’s breakdown. But they come with an obligation: they will require that you have every year a maintenance.

In other words, if you do not maintain your boiler and it is found to be defective in the future it is likely that you won’t be able to claim repair costs from your service provider in the course of the warranty. It could also be more expensive than the repair costs.

Servicing can help you cut down on your energy bills Service can help you reduce your energy bills

If you are having your boiler checked, it’s not only about making sure that all components that make up your boiler in good condition and functioning properly, but your plumber will also make sure that the boiler is functioning effectively. Over time, this will help you cut down on your annual expenses for energy as an un-efficient boiler could increase the cost of your energy. When the cost of energy is constantly growing, every amount of savings is always beneficial.

In the end, having your boiler checked may seem like a waste of money but this little annual expense could help you save money overall. Additionally, it means that your boiler will not fail during winter, which could turn out to be the worst nightmare for families.

If you’re in the middle call us for an urgent boiler repair, anywhere within central London. We guarantee that you’re in good in our hands!