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Top Things to Look for in Leicester Student Accommodation

A student’s first major step into the real world, far from the comfort and safety of their home. It can be a storm of emotions for both students and their parents. However, it’s a once chance to create memories and build relationships which will likely last for a for a lifetime.

Heading off to university can be extremely exciting however it can also be extremely daunting. It’s a new area that’s full of many new people, and new friends and it’s likely to be your first time living in a different place from your parents. This is why finding the best student accommodation is essential since it plays an important part in the university experience. It’s going to determine the friendships you make and the opportunities you get and ultimately your lifestyle for the next 4 or several years.

Six things to think about when selecting which Uni Halls of Residence

There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when selecting the appropriate student residence before making the final decision. You should select a residence with access to specific facilities or is located in the town of the university, in case you’re an undergraduate student planning to attend Uni in the coming year here’s everything you need to know when it comes to choosing and considering the right student residence for you.

1. Security and safety

Safety is the first priority. Before you look into the specifics of a hall for students make sure it’s safe and secure within the premises if were to reside there. This will not only let you to sleep easy in the night, but it will ensure your experience will be the best it can be without feeling concerned and worried.

Find out if the halls have a high-quality security system that is in place and if there are staff available to make you feel safe. If you are aware of this, your parents will also be able to rest assured knowing that you’re properly looked after.

2. On-site Facilities & Activities

A significant aspect of your experience will be the facilities that you can access and the activities available. The best facilities on campus to look out for, and that can help students live better, include:

A gym to keep your fitness, wellness and well-being intact.
Social spaces that allow you to socialize with friends and strengthen relationships.
An onsite cafe to meet up with your friends over a cup of coffee or to work.
A laundry room with a dedicated space – unfortunately, you don’t have parents to take care of this for you!
Dedicated work areas to get out of the chaos of tasks to finish.
There is plenty of space outdoors to spend time with friends take in fresh air and clear your mind.
A bathroom with a private bath are available in the room.

3. Value for money

When attending uni you don’t want to be in a position to spend your savings on accommodation for students in Leicester. However, you’ll want an environment that you’re comfortable, is well-maintained, clean and equipped with the facilities required; you have to strike the right equilibrium.

So, finding student accommodation that offers affordable is essential to be able to have fun while studying without having the added stress of high expenses. If your parents support your expenses for accommodation, they don’t want to spend a lot of money in the event that affordable student housing is readily available.

4. WIFI Connection

In this day and age young people more than anyone else are aware of the importance of good, secure internet. This is not only important for your research and studies and research, but also when want to stay in touch with your friends and family back at home, or watch an Netflix documentary. It’s essential to find a hall that can sustain strong WIFI connection, even when multiple students are connected at the same time.

5. Location, Location, Location

Where you live in your accommodation is vital to your enjoyment and everyday university life. Every student is unique, perhaps you like to be social and enjoy the nightlife or prefer more tranquil halls that aren’t surrounded by crowds to retreat to. Choosing student halls in the right spot based on your needs and preferences is crucial.

Before you decide on your selected student halls, look into the surrounding area of the facility and what else you can expect to find in the vicinity.

Social Aspects: Nightlife, Restaurants and bars

If you’re an avid social-media user then you’ll prefer your home situated close to the town or city it’s. Are there nightclubs, bars and eateries nearby? If yes, what are they like? Being aware of what’s going on around your area is essential to maximizing your experience at the university level, especially if active social life is what you’re wanting.

University Campus

Many students in their first year prefer to be close or near, the university campus. It’s possible that this will change as academic years progress however if you’d like to be around the buzz of all the happenings and at the heart of university life, you should ensure that there is little distance between your residence from the central campus.

Transport links

Transport links that are convenient mean you can go from A to B in a short time, quickly and, ideally, at a lower cost. It is recommended to always select halls for students that offer reliable transport services so you can rest secure that whenever you need or want to be somewhere, it can be done without stress or excessive money spent. It’s also useful in the event that you need to go home for the weekend; you don’t need to set aside money aside for frequent expensive taxi rides.