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What if My Wall Tiles Need to be Replaced?

The wall tie survey can be described as a special survey conducted by a certified survey expert with experience in surveying wall tie structures. It is the survey which determines whether your wall tie is performing their job effectively within the structure, and whether they should be replaced or not. The wall ties should be strong enough to tie the two masonry leaves together. If they’re not, then they should be worked on.

When conducting a wall tie inspection an expert will look at the severity of corrosion to determine what actions need to be taken. They will evaluate the degree of damage of the wall’s structure and determine what should be done to improve it.

They might find walls ties require replacing in certain instances, but in other it is not. This is a visual check that could require further surveying in the event that the wall ties aren’t working in the way they ought to. In the event that this happens the next kind of inspection is performed. This is for a deeper examination of the condition of the structure. If the wall tie is not in good condition or have started to fail, it is possible that a replacement is suggested.

Different types of Wall Tie Surveys

There are two types of surveys that be conducted in a wall tie survey. The two kinds of surveys are called non-intrusive or intrusive survey of wall tie. The surveyor is likely to start a non-intrusive study in the event that they can view inside the cavity with an endoscope or thermal camera. The surveyor will be able to identify the wall ties and evaluate their condition.

A survey that is intrusive is usually conducted when the cavity is not exposed which means that the wall ties can’t be observed and/or the wall ties were found to not be efficient during the initial inspection. This is typically the case in cases where the wall tie is hidden or are not visible with the methods proposed. This kind of inspection will require the bricks are taken off the walls for the tie to be exposed. This will permit an inspection that is conducted in depth.

In both surveys, every panel will be scrutinized and the surveyor will be able to find all anchors inside the wall. They’ll be able to examine them and decide which ones are required to be replaced.

Do I require to do a Wall Tie Survey?

It is possible that you require an inspection of your wall when buying an apartment, particularly in the case of homes built some time ago. This is to make sure that everything is secure and solid in structure. In older homes there are certain kinds that are made of steel ties can be more prone to rusting and begin to wear down, which can cause them to cease being in a position to perform their function correctly. Most of the time the inspection is merely an emergency measure put used to ensure that everything is secure and safe. In some instances there could be flaws which could lead to a problem. That would mean the wall ties require replacement. The actual survey should take no more than an hour.

What happens if My Wall Tiles Need to be replaced?

There are a myriad of reasons for why your wall tie may require replacement however, it’s usually due to them not being properly put in when they initially installed. It is not uncommon for they were placed incorrectly, which causes them to fall short as time passes. If you reside in a coastal region there is a greater chance to require your wall tie replacement. This is because in coastal regions corrosion of wall ties is much more likely to occur, which is why it is more crucial to have them checked.

Wall ties that fail could leave structures in danger and pose the risk of collapse. To ensure that these issues are avoided, it is essential to conduct an inspection. If you’re told that your wall ties aren’t properly performing their task They will have replacement. It is best to consult a trusted expert if you are required to have your wall tie replaced.

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Don’t be afraid to reach out to request an inspection of your wall tie. Sometimes, it’s clear that the wall ties in your cavity need replacement, but in other cases it’s better to seek expert wall tie reports to ensure security.