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What Is A Level Access Shower?

Do you know someone who has difficulty to get into or out of the bath or shower? A shower that is accessible from the floor could be a feasible solution that makes personal care safer and easier, supporting an active lifestyle for longer, and providing a better showering experience to those with mobility issues.

What exactly is a Level access shower, and what exactly do they do? Continue reading to learn more…

What is a Access Shower? Access Shower?

A shower with a level access is a shower that doesn’t have tray or steps, and is totally in line with the floor of the bathroom. A bit like an wet room, it allows people who struggle to get into a conventional shower to easily walk into their shower, just like any other room in their bathroom.

This safe and practical design provides a straightforward and elegant option for those with limited mobility such as those who are elderly, use wheelchairs or anyone else who has a restricted range of movement. They’re also an excellent solution for people who need help with personal hygiene tasks because they’re more spacious that allow family members or caregivers to assist in washing.

How do Level Access Showers Work?

A level access shower is basically similar to a wet room. Instead of having a shower enclosed with a tray that you must walk into, the whole room transforms into a water-proof accessible, non-slip and simple to access shower.

With waterproof tiles that extend from floor to ceiling, a non-slip floor and an innovative drainage system that makes sure the water drains away quickly they offer a simple solution to a frequently frustrating and dangerous scenario.

Why do they not leak? Why doesn’t the water pool and seep through to the floor below? The shower floor you choose to install will have a gentle slope that allows water to flow toward the drain, thereby eliminating any danger of water accumulating. The slope is low enough that it won’t be noticed upon entering and out, however the water has no choice but to go to the drain.

Since there’s no tray for showers needed and no shower tray is required, you get an easy to access shower with ample space and a bathroom that’s free from trip hazards whilst being extremely user-friendly.

What are the advantages of Access Showers? Access Showers?

Showers that are accessible to everyone make personal hygiene easier as well as safer and more sanitary. For certain individuals, a level-access shower could mean the difference between living their final years in the comfort of their home or having to move into assisted living or a residential care facility.

The benefits include:

More Independence – Level showers with access can provide access to sufficient washing facilities for people who may otherwise not be able to stay at home.

More Room for Assistance The entire space becomes a shower, making it easier for caregivers or other helpers to clean the person in need of assistance.

Fast Safe Drainage- Although the water flows onto the floor, there is no chance of flooding because the water drains quickly and effectively.

Luxurious Design – With a wide variety of fixtures and fittings, your bathroom renovation doesn’t have to appear spartan. It can be styled to your specification and look amazing in your home.

Minimal Disruption – They’re very simple to install and can be installed in just two days.

If they are finished correctly, the floor won’t become slippery. Ceramic tiles with an R Rating (Slip-Resistance-Rating) of at least R11 or higher are required.

Who is the best candidate for Access Showers? Access Showers?

Showers with access to the floor are perfect for the elderly, people with mobility issues wheelchair users and for anyone who prefers more room to wash.

That’s not to say they’re not a wonderful option for any home! Level access showers can make it much easier to shower children since you don’t need to contend with flapping shower curtains or obstructive shower screens!

Wet rooms have seen an increase in popularity due to their ease of use. A majority of people are choosing to skip the bath in favour of a shower which not only cut down on water usage and also make it easier to get through the morning and nighttime routines.

The modifications to your bathroom are likely to be permanent, they won’t be seen as a problem to potential buyers if it’s your intention to move out of the home. What is the time frame to Install A Step-in Shower?

There are people who feel concerned about having their bathroom renovated and a shower that is level fitted. Being able to have strangers come and go out of your home, and your bathroom being unusable isn’t ideal, but it’s surprisingly quick to complete and the outcome is worth the short-term inconvenience.

The time it takes to finish the installation of your shower with level access will very much depend on the volume of work involved and the style and the finishes you choose.

A basic bath removal and shower installation could take 2-3 days. A bathroom that requires total renovation i.e. installing a new floor and walls may take up to 2 weeks.

A consultation with one of our design specialists can provide you with an estimate of the time frame your project is likely to take. They will also provide any guidance on how you can minimize disruption for you, making your installation smooth and effortless.

Things To Keep In Mind…

Showers that are level accessible offer an efficient, secure and simple solution for those who want to have more accessibility in their bathroom. However, as with everything there are certain things you should be aware of before you commit to having a wet room or level access showers installed.

Regular maintenance will be required Like every shower, it must be cleaned and the gully floor needs regular inspection to avoid slow drainage.

They can look sloppy A bad design could leave your bathroom looking as if it’s a medical or nursing facility. This is easily avoided by choosing an installer who will take design into account when deciding on the design of your bathroom.

Damp Build-Up – Uncontrolled steam can lead to damp, so it’s vital to install an appropriate extraction installed in your wet room. An experienced installer will go about the issue with you and ensure that you receive the ventilation you require to protect your home.