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What Is The Allure Of owning A Home In Turkey?

A home is a dream for all. Turkey provides a number of reasons to buy homes in Turkey isn’t difficult. Turkey is always a nation that draws the attention of investors from abroad due to its cultural and natural beauty as well as its developed transportation system geopolitical position, well-developed transportation infrastructure trade, tourism entertainment, and transportation. Turkey has a robust stable, stable and expanding economy, has always presented new opportunities for investors, and is still working towards improving the value of investments and maintaining them.

Let’s examine the benefits that foreigners can enjoy who have bought houses in Turkey

1. Obtaining Turkish citizenship

Foreigners who have an immovable property in Turkey can apply for citizenship in Turkey. Foreigners who have purchased at least 250,000 USD worth of property are eligible to become Turkish citizens. The foreigner as well as his/her family members will be granted the privilege to Turkish citizenship within six months. A property purchase in Turkey can give you the opportunity of making money from your investment, in addition to obtaining the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

2. Residence permit

The residence permit can be obtained readily to foreigners who have purchased real estate in Turkey. You can apply for a three-year residence permit for you and your family members by purchasing an apartment for 650 000 Turkish Liras. This residence permit is issued to every family member (wife/husband and children who are under that age). Children of foreigners living in Turkey who have the residence permit have the right to join schools of education in Turkey.

You can obtain a 3 year residence permit for you and your family members by buying the property for 650 million Turkish Liras.

3. Cheapest real estate in Europe

The real estate market and construction industry in Turkey has been growing very quickly in recent years. It offering its customers extremely extravagant and modern options for property. While the majority of new homes are equipped with smart home technology, a majority of them come with luxurious social amenities like a spa, swimming pool and fitness center.

4. Return on investment for investment excellence

Turkey has solid financial institutions, and finding the best financing solution, that will allow you to purchase the perfect property is simple to find and is quick to complete. Real Estate Investment is the most secure and safest investment for residential as well as commercial property.

5. Low cost of life

Living costs within Turkey is also lower in comparison to EU nations or US. Turkey is an agriculture-based nation. The country is able to get fresh vegetables and fruits in Turkey during all four seasons. This is why the food costs are affordable within our nation. Foreigners who are from abroad are able to live comfortably in our country because of an exchange rate.

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6. The geographical location and the time

Turkey is vast! It covers 780 000 square kilometers, Ankara is the capital, Istanbul is the largest city. Turkey is a country that has four seas: the Black Sea the Marmara Sea as well as the Aegean Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean. All of these elements contributed to making Turkey an appealing and intriguing country from a travel standpoint and not just due to its geography, but due to its wildlife and flora, its vast beaches, the idyllic climate, and the wealth of its culture. In the initial 2 months of 2018, Turkey was home to 3.2 million visitors. Tourism revenues generated in Turkey last year were around $30 billion in 2018.

In the initial two months of 2018, Turkey welcomed 3.2 million visitors. The revenue generated by tourism in Turkey in 2018 amounted to more than $30 billion in 2018.

7. Full Ownership

The freehold ownership option is a significant benefitfor all properties. When you buy a house you’re not purchasing shares in the property, but purchase the lease from it, or simply rent it out to the government. If you purchase property or a home, it is your sole property. This gives the owners more flexibility, and they are able to make whatever they want of the property, whether it’s selling it or remodeling it.