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What Makes A Good Classroom Carpet?

According to research of the University of Salford, classroom layouts can affect learning by 25%. The flooring options play a significant part in the look and feel of the classroom that can influence acoustics safety, comfort and overall aesthetics.

Why carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are increasingly becoming the most suitable flooring choice for higher education and schools environments. They are simple to set up and maintain, absorb noise and are built to last for years to remain for many years to.

What to look out for when choosing carpet for education:


Classrooms are busy environments where there are many sounds and distractions occurring every minute of the day.

It is essential for the flooring you select will be able to absorb sound and improve the acoustics of the classroom, making it a quieter place to learn. This is particularly important for children who have special requirements, since a noisy environment can feel particularly overwhelming and affect their learning.

Additional backing can insulate the carpet further, further reducing school noise.

Awe-inspiring Design

Flooring design is a great method to bring a splash of color into your classroom. Bright colours and bold patterns are a great way to stimulate creativity and motivate students to think bigger, while more muted shades and understated patterns will encourage a peaceful and calm environment.

Utilizing Paragon classroom carpets tiles You can mix and match to create new patterns , and the possibilities to transform classroom layouts. It is recommended to select a design that are rearranged easily to create different designs.


Students and teachers spend many hours in the classroom, so it needs to be welcoming and comfortable.

Carpets that are suitable for children provide a comfortable place for children to lay on, and a form with thermal insulation in the area. This is vital, as researchers from Salford University University of Salford cited temperature as a key factor in the development of learning.

Our carpet tiles were designed for everyday comfort. To add more padding, you may choose to include Komfort Bac for another layer of comfort.


Since the pandemic, the importance of hygiene at schools has become an ongoing focus. Cleanliness in the classroom can improve attendance levels, and ensure that students can learn to the highest of their capabilities.

Carpet traps viruses and bacteria in the spaces between fibers, reducing the possibility of transmission. Our carpet tiles are long-lasting and hard to wear as well as hygienic, meaning that you can save money by investing in a flooring which can endure the test of time.

In the end in a nutshell, when it comes to choosing carpets to be used in classrooms, you must to balance design and practicality. If you select the appropriate carpet, you can create an inviting, safe and stimulating learning environment.