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What to know about hurricane doors

You need to select the best hurricane-impact door for maximum protection and performance.
Living in a coastal area brings with it a unique range of weather conditions, from warm and humid days to stormy night. It doesn’t matter if you live on the coast, in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone or further inland. You need to be able to protect your home from hurricane damage. Although there are no hurricane-proof doors, impact-resistant products offer additional security and peace-of-mind regardless of where you live.

What is a Hurricane-Impact Door?

A hurricane-impact patio door is simply a door that protects your home from the damage caused by a tropical storm or hurricane. Impact-resistant patio doors are more durable than plywood and storm shutters. There is no need to prepare for storms with your patio doors. Simply close your patio doors and lock them. These patio doors have a stronger glass panel, frame, and frame than regular doors. They are made to withstand strong winds, impact from flying debris, and meet stringent building code requirements such as the Florida Building Code or Texas Department of Insurance. Regardless of where you live, the patio doors can provide reliable protection.

For added protection, consider using Impact-Resistant or Laminated Glass

A strong glass option is crucial for a hurricane-impact doors. Even though regular glass can be broken by flying debris, laminated glass or impact-resistant glass can protect your home. To strengthen your patio door, laminated glass uses a strong polymer layer. The interlayer keeps the glass from shattering, preventing damage or injury caused by water, wind, and other debris. You can choose from a range of vinyl or wood patio doors and laminated or impact-resistant glass for additional protection.

To help protect your home from the elements, use durable frames

Another important component to impact resistance is a sturdy frame. Multiple insulating air chambers are included in vinyl patio doors. This helps to reduce heat transfer and makes your home more comfortable. For best performance, patio doors must be installed correctly. Select patio doors come predrilled with holes for easy installation.

Hurricane Doors that Meet Building Codes

It is important to check any local building codes in order to ensure you are choosing the best impact-resistant door for your area. Every patio door has been rigorously tested. It is also rated and tested according to the Florida Building Code, which includes High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements, and the Texas Department of Insurance. These are the two most strict guidelines for Hurricane resistance. Because they are within the HVHZ, the Florida Building Code sets the requirements for all building products. This includes hurricane windows and patio doors.
Popular Hurricane Impact Patio Door Styles

You don’t have to compromise on style when installing impact-resistant patio doors. You have the option of sliding, hinged or multi-slide options to match your home’s style. You can choose between vinyl or wood. Vinyl patio doors are more customizable than wood patio doors, and offer more options for personalization.

No matter what style or material your hurricane impact patio doors are made of, they have been rigorously tested for water and air filtration as well as structural performance. Each test is performed under different conditions to simulate hurricane conditions. Our testing simulates both negative and positive wind loads.

Impact sliding glass door

A sliding glass door that is impact-resistant can be used to create a traditional look in small spaces. A sliding patio door can give you a classic or modern look, depending on which options you choose.

Impact Multi-Slide Patio Doors

A multi-slide patio doors with impact resistance are a striking design choice. The grand door can be ordered in as many as eight panels for vinyl patio doors or as many 10 panels for wood multislide patio doors. These doors are ideal for entertaining guests and allow for an easy transition from indoor to outdoors living.

Additional Benefits of an Impact Resistant Patio Door

Impact-resistant patio doors are often chosen by homeowners for storm and hurricane protection. However, these doors offer many other benefits that can be added to your home. An impact-resistant patio doors can add the finishing touch to your home by providing improved energy performance, noise reduction, and other benefits.
Superior Noise Reduction

Impact-resistant patio doors are made of multiple panes a strong glass. This glass option provides extra protection and makes it more difficult for sound waves to travel inside your home. Different glass thicknesses can be paired together with laminated or impact-resistant glass. This includes a polymer interlayer that dampens sounds at different frequencies and increases sound resistance.
Glass Options for Solar Protection and Energy Efficiency

Laminated glass can improve the energy efficiency of your home and protect it from harmful UV rays. Impact-resistant and low-E laminated glass can reflect solar rays away from your home. This will make your space more comfortable. Consider tinting your glass to increase energy efficiency. It adds design interest and helps reflect sunlight away. Hurricane Shield Series products come standard with laminated glass. It blocks 99.7% harmful UV rays, which prevents the sun from damaging your curtains, furniture, and artwork.
Safety and Security

We fire a 2’x4″ at 50 fps in three places on our doors and windows to test the impact products against HVHZ regulations. To prevent debris and air from getting into the home, both the window and laminate must be kept intact.

To ensure that the window remains intact after impact, we expose it to hurricane pressures for 9,000 times. The door must still function after testing is completed. Multi-point locks can be used to secure patio doors that are impact-resistant. We test all products, regardless of their material or style.

It is essential to have the right patio doors in place when you live in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes. There are many options available that will suit your home’s design requirements while still maintaining strength. Contact your local expert if you are interested in our hurricane-resistant patio doors.