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When To Rent vs Buy Scaffolding

One of the most frequent questions that pops to mind when commercial scaffolding, is if to purchase or rent. In some instances, this may result in savings for companies, thereby saving cash over time and allowing them to take greater control. In most instances, it’s more sense to lease from a trusted scaffolding business.

Are you unsure whether to purchase or rent?

Consider these questions:

What is the length of time you’ll require it?

For small jobs lasting one or two weeks, it’s not economical for you to purchase scaffolding. If you’re starting an unimportant project but are unsure of securing future projects renting is the method to take. This is typically what small-scale contractors are doing.

We recommend that you look into buying when you know that you’ll work on projects lasting at least a couple of months. The main question you should think about is: will purchasing the scaffolding be worth it in the long run, and how will the rental feel compare?

Do you have the skills to scaffold?

If your company has experienced scaffolders with a good understanding of the most current HSE and OSHA regulations, purchasing your own scaffolding might be the best option. But you’ll need to lease for those who don’t have the experience, skills and certifications that scaffolding demands.

The law stipulates that scaffolding must be constructed by a qualified person who has the appropriate knowledge. If you purchase scaffolding but don’t have the knowledge within your company to set it up, insurance could not cover the event of an accident and you could be held accountable.

In any construction project safety is always the first priority. The use of scaffolding by untrained workers can be fatal. Avoid sloppy work in the area of scaffolding.

What is the amount you will need?

If you decide to purchase your own scaffolding, you must consider the ramifications of storage. Scaffolding is huge and heavy and requires its own specific storage area, so storage costs can rise fast if your don’t have a place to store it.

It is also necessary to supply the vehicles and staff to move the scaffolding from the storage location to the job. The scaffolding equipment will need to be regularly checked and maintained, which can incur expenses.

How much is your budget?

Based on a project-by-project basis renting scaffolding is cheaper than purchasing. For instance, a project that requires the use of scaffolding that costs $40,000 may be rented for just $2,000!

It’s all about weighing these costs in relation to the length of your project. Renting will help to reduce costs in other aspects. However, is renting cost-effective in a task that is expected to last for years?

We are aware that building and removing scaffolding can be a difficult task which requires the skills and experience of experienced tradesmen such as us. The same is true of the challenges and pitfalls which can arise from making the decision between purchasing or renting.

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