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Why Might A Person Use Scaffold?

The most important thing to keep in mind in answering the question of whether scaffolding is necessary is to be aware that the rules for working at height is not clear cut. It will always comes down to performing an adequate risk assessment of your work at height project. This article we will endeavor to assist you in understanding the guidelines to help you make better choices.

When you need scaffolding

The short answer is that when you need to conduct a risk assessment, provides the necessary information!

Risk assessments are an obligation that is legally binding to conduct when employees are working at height , but it is not legally required in personal projects. You must be aware of safety and carry out an assessment yourself.

Examples of scaffolding that could be described as:

The job involves longer than 30 mins of working at certain height at an time. Working at height is usually defined as any work that could result in a fall causing injuries.
The job will require some work (ie lifting off a stepladder or ladder).
Moving around at high altitudes is necessary.
Unpredictable or unstable weather conditions.

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Scaffolding Benefits

Scaffolding is a great way to gain advantages, including:

Versatility. Many different types of buildings and projects can utilize scaffolding.
Safety. If properly designed and implemented, it could be one of the safest methods of gaining access to a high point.

Saffolding Negatives

As with everything, there are a few negatives you should be aware of with your scaffolding plan to work at heights:

Cost. Scaffolding is one the most expensive options to set yourself up for a working at height task.

Disruption and permits. The scaffolding could cause disruptions in the form of getting in the way or perhaps an ugly sight Be aware that whether the scaffolding is required to be constructed in a public right of way, permits and licenses are required to be granted.

Time. It’s not an easy task to put up and tear down the scaffolding, so if require a task done quickly, this might possibly not be the best efficient method for you.

Insurance. Also, being vigilant on who is accountable for safety and health as well as responsibility and insurance for jobs is essential.