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Things To Remember When Betting On Tennis

Tennis betting is a growing market across the globe, with betting sites offering increasingly better odds and betting options for example, live betting. With the U.S. Open coming up and plenty of big names participating, here’s everything you need to learn about betting on tennis so you can earn a profit.

With plenty of tennis info and statistics accessible, you can make some money from the courts with the right handicapping strategy and the following tennis betting strategies.

Know the surface for playing

The playing surface is the number. number one factor that affects tennis handicapping. There are a few players who perform at their best on all types of surfaces. For instance, Wimbledon has a grass surface that favors serve-and-volley players who have big serves.

On the other hand it is a clay surface that gives the baseline players an advantage while slowing down big serves. Knowing how grass and clay playing surfaces affect the odds an important starting point.

Look for bets on the spot

Mental aspects of tennis is a crucial component to betting on tennis, and situational edges can be huge. Be aware of the possibility of a letdown following an epic loss or a satisfying victory. Remember there are some more prestigious athletes may not be equally motivated as their less-ranked players when they compete at smaller events.

Scheduling is also crucial in that players who progress through the qualifying process will be prepared than those who were automatically admitted and are yet to participate. Then again, fatigue (both physical as well as mental) can be a problem as well.

Different styles can lead to matching edges

Don’t place too much emphasis on the rankings and current form. Tennis is a single-player sport that means the way you play is more critical to match-ups.

Every player has unique strengths and weaknesses, and head-to head data can reveal intriguing trends. While recent losses and wins are still a factor to consider, those who bet on tennis must also be aware of the different game patterns of every player.

Fitness first

Tennis is a tough sport with constant movement and few stoppages in play, which means that players need to be at their peak for fitness. Be aware of what factors can make fitness more critical for you, like weather (hotter weather can be more draining) duration of the game (Grand Slam tournaments have best-of-5 sets, not best-of-three), as well as injuries and time off between tournaments. Individual players should be aware of these factors.

Knowing which players are at their peak physical condition can also help when making predictions on tennis live betting, as the opponent could start matches strong while the more fit player is able to take over the stretch.

Tips for betting on tennis

There are many ways to wager on tennis events The most well-known betting options are the moneyline the spread and the Over/Under.


The most common method of betting on tennis by making bets using the moneyline. This is simply choosing the winning player of an event. The favorite will have an asterisk (-) on their number, and in the following example the player would have to bet $185 for Djokovic to win $100 if he won the match.

The underdog is likely to have positive signs (+) in the middle of their odds, that means $100 bet on Federer will result in an earnings of $165 if Federer pulls off the upset. If each player has the same number, they have even odds of winning, and the bet is considered an “pick the winner.”

Tennis spread

Similar to the point spreads in football or basketball, the oddsmakers set handicaps for both sets and games to equalize the playing field.

In the following example of a spread, Novak Djokovic is set at -4.5 This means that he needs to be able to win more matches than Medvedev in the match in order to cover the spread. If Medvedev wins the match or loses by four or fewer games, he’ll cover the spread.

The spreads of tennis sets are set at -1.5, much like that of the baseball run line. In the following instance, if you wager in Djokovic in -1.5 sets and he wins without a break, you will win the bet. If Medvedev loses a set you lose.


If you are betting on the Over/Under for other sports, you place bets on the number of points scored. However, the Over/Under betting in tennis is determined by the number of games that a match will feature.

Remember that tennis matches will be either best-of-three or best of five sets. A player must win 6 games with a difference of two games in order to win a set. And in the event that there is a tie at 6-6, the game will continue, a seventh tie-breaking game will be played.

In the following example, if two players play 39 or more games, taking the over will pay $100 for every $125 wagered. If the players combine to only play 38 games, those betting the Under will gain $105 on 100 bets.

You can also bet on the over/under or total of the sets that will be fixed at 2.5.


Futures odds are among the most popular methods to bet on tennis. They consist of betting on which player will outright win a particular tournament, such as the odds of winning an event like the U.S. Open. Each player is given an amount of money based on their odds of winning.

As an example for futures probabilities, Ashleigh Barty as well as Naomi Osaka are the two favorite to take home the U.S. Open at +350 and +450. If you put $100 on Barty to win and she does win the gold and you make a profit of $350, you’ll earn $350.


One method that tennis betting more exciting is to look at the betting market for proposition bets. They include betting on which player will win the first game and how much, the Over/Under on the number of aces, and more.

Be aware that not all books provide these kinds of prop bets, and some might only be available for bigger tournaments or matchups.

Live betting

Point changes are coming quickly and frequently for tennis players, in-play betting provides some intriguing opportunities for savvy bettors. In-play betting lets you bet on the match winner, set winner, and the winner of a match in any set.

Make sure your feed is current to date and remember these guidelines on how to place bets on tennis live so that your bets can benefit from momentum swings and John McEnroe-like explosions.

Instant Replay: How to bet on tennis

Understanding how players perform on different surfaces and the differences between clay and grass is important to handicapping matches.
Knowing the tendencies and styles of players is vital in determining when a betting line is not in the right place.
Profit from swings in momentum and the mental aspect of tennis with live-betting.
Look through all betting options at your sportsbook to find out what the most profitable betting option is in a particular event or match.

Bet on tennis: How to do it? Questions

There are many ways for tennis picks which include the moneyline, spread, the spread, or tournament options.

Being a very popular sport worldwide In-person and online sportsbooks provide odds for tennis betting. Look up the sportsbooks in your region and see the tennis markets they have to offer.

The odds for tennis will be a positive (+) or negative (-) sign before the number. If there’s a positive, it means the amount of the money you’d win betting $100. If there’s a minus sign in front of the odds, that is the number that you would have to wager to make $100.

It is possible to bet on spreads for both sets and games which are won. This is an advantage and provides the best value when betting on the favorite, and also a higher chance of winning if you bet on an underdog. The favorite needs to beat the odds by more games or sets in comparison to the negative (-) handicap number to cover the spread or it is the underdog who wins the bet.