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How Much Time Do People Spend on Instagram Daily on Average?

Whatever it is, whether it’s brunch, business or even at the beach. We’re asking is it Instagrammable?

Instagram has seen tremendous growth throughout the time, and is continuing to expand its horizons. The photo-sharing app has come far from being the preferred choice for people posting photos of their vacation to today attracting various types of influencers as well as advertisers and brands.

It’s possible to say that your target audience is on Instagram as are your competitors are too. However, keeping up with Instagram trends (oh did we mention algorithm updates as well?) gets a bit complicated at times. The people you want to reach are looking at their feeds at the moment The question for marketers is what reason they should be on Instagram.

If your business isn’t reaching out to people, these statistics will show you that it should and provide you with the idea on what need to be doing to ensure you can earn profits on Instagram.

So, let’s start by reviewing the best 10 Instagram stats for the year 2022 in order to shed light on the growing importance of Instagram to your business.

1. How Many People Are Using Instagram?

According to the most recent estimations, Instagram has 1.3 billion users in 2022 around the world and it is used by just one of three users of social networks (eMarketer 2022).

Instagram is a popular social network that lets users edit and share images as well as Instagram videos. It was once a popular choice for teens and young millennials Instagram continues to grow into an extremely used social media platforms and data shows that it’s unlikely to slow down any time in the near future.

Between 2019 and 2021, from 2019 to 2021 the amount of Instagram users across the globe increased to 383 million. In fact, in the year 2020 the photo-sharing platform reached the billion mark for the first time. This was something analysts had anticipated in 2024. Additionally, in the was the same year that Instagram recorded a huge 22.9 percent increase in amount of people using the service. Analysts attribute a large portion of this huge growth to the coronavirus epidemic which prompted users to sign up with Instagram.

If you’re wondering if your company should invest your time or money required to invest in Instagram the huge amount of users is an indicator.

2. Instagram Hashtags Usage

Since the idea of using hashtags to mark and categorize subjects on social media was first introduced around the year 2007 (by Twitter), its use has grown exponentially and is now considered to be as a fundamental component that social media.

Instagram is definitely not an one of the exceptions to this. From brands and Instagram influencers, to everyday Joe Instagram users, using hashtags in Instagram is popular and widely used.

It’s to the point that the most recent Instagram stats reveal that an average Instagram post may contain up to 10.7 hashtags (HubSpot 2020).

If you’re thinking about using hashtags in a raucous way to reach out to new users and expand your followers, consider reconsidering your strategy. Studies have proven that with Instagram hashtags, it’s not an issue of the bigger the more fun. Engagement decreases when you use at least six hashtags, therefore try using five or less.

If you’re looking to think strategically in your marketing, you might want to be aware that the most used hashtag on Instagram the hashtag #love has been used more than 2 million times. While it can create that warm fuzzy sensation among your followers but your post may be drowned out by 2 million other posts using similar hashtags.

To help you, hashtags like #photography #instagood, #fashion and #art comprise the next four most used Instagram hashtags.

3. Young Adults Love Instagram

70.8 percent (or 70.8%) of billion active users of Instagram. Seven0.8 per cent of users who use the Instagram app are below 35 years old (Statista 2022). This figure provides data about the demographics of Instagram users across the globe in April 2022. The most popular age range is 25- 34 (31.7 percent) and then 18-24 (30.2 percentage). Are you targeting those two age brackets?

Knowing the age of your audience on social media can help you decide which platforms are most beneficial for your business to take advantage of. So, you can ensure that you’re making content for platforms where your target audience doesn’t have any presence.

If your audience is comprised of young adults, then Instagram is definitely the location for you to be. Once you’ve figured this out then you can start hopping at the latest Instagram trends and create the perfect kind of content for Instagram that is tailored to your audience’ preferences and desires.

4. How much time do people spend On Instagram Daily on Average?

The average user spends about the same time on Instagram than users do Facebook. It is estimated that the amount Android users devote to Instagram is catching up to that of Facebook — In June of this year, Facebook users spent an average of 58 minutes a day on the platform , compared to Instagram users of 53 minutes per day (Recode 2018, 2018).

The time that people spend on Instagram is important since the longer time users spend on the application, the more advertisements they are exposed to, and the greater chances they will see your company’s name. Instagram also revealed that the introduction of Instagram Story, an Instagram Story feature, which increased how much time users were spending on the app throughout the day. It’s not just the time you spend on Instagram be important, but also the time of day when users are the most active on the app. This way, you’ll be able to know when is the most appropriate time to post content on Instagram to promote your business.

Find out how to grow your Instagram followers at

5. Businesses are using Instagram

With Instagram becoming more popular and gaining popularity, it’s not surprising that there are more than 200 million businesses advertising their products through the platform (Instagram 2022).

According to Instagram the site, up to 70% of people turn to Instagram to get ideas for buying their first item. In light of the possibilities, in addition to the myriad of tools for brands to promote their products through Instagram and not be active on Instagram is a massive missed chance.

Being active and active on Instagram is about measuring the its success. One important metric every business must keep track of is the rate of engagement. Recent data on Instagram engagement rates show that posts that feature carousels get the most interaction in the eyes of Instagram users at 0.85 percent. In contrast to all posts, the average for post on Instagram is 0.68 percent.

There is a massive user base on Instagram but reaching them isn’t a huge amount of money. If you’re looking to learn tips and suggestions for ways to promote your business on Instagram We’ve come up with attractive Instagram posts ideas.

6. Instagram Grows Sponsored Content

Trends of influential people releasing paid content via Instagram is growing and shows no sign of slowing up. In the entire year, from February 2018 through February 2019 the amount of Instagram influencers that used the hashtag #ad grew by 133% (Socialbakers in 2019, 2019).

In fact, during the first quarter of 2019 almost 25000 Instagram accounts were created using the hashtag #ad.

As posts of influencers with an extensive following are more likely to get more views and engagement, it’s to be expected that they will be popular to run influencer-related marketing campaigns than accounts who have fewer followers.

This is evident by the frequency with which the most prominent influencers have utilized the hashtag #ad. More than one quarter (26 percentage) of influencers who have more than 1 million followers include the hashtag #ad within their posts. By contrast, less than one in five influencers with less 1 million followers. And only about two percent of micro-influencers who have less than ten thousand followers have done so.

It’s not just sponsored posts from influencers which are getting more popular. In all Instagram posts in this period the number of posts that featured ads increased by 120 percent.

7. Instagram Stories Usage

In August of this year, Instagram launched Instagram stories. This revolutionary feature lets users take pictures or videos that disappear within 24 hours. Since the launch of this feature the users started sharing more content on Instagram. More than 500 million Instagram accounts utilize Instagram Stories daily (Instagram in 2018, 2018). Not only that, but 1/3 of the stories that are viewed the most IG stories come from businesses.

Prior to Instagram stories, users were sharing their best moments, which were not shared often shared on a regular basis. Instagram put the hammer to the forehead by introducing Instagram stories, which gave people the opportunity to share the everyday events of their lives without the need to save their posts on their profiles. This also offers an opportunity for businesses to improve their reach. The article shows how you can begin with Instagram stories to increase your following.

8. Instagrammers Follow Brands

50% of Instagram users are followers of the least amount of businesses (Mention 2017) so companies have an excellent opportunity to expand their reach via Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business or a business from around the world there is a chance to enhance your brand’s image making use of Instagram.

By creating the addition of an Instagram Profile for Business, brands can include their contact details that cannot be added to personal profiles. This includes a company phone address and number. If you have an Instagram Business profile, you can access Instagram analytics that can give you with information about the number of the number of impressions and followers per post, and more details about your target audience. This will help you know what type of content people enjoy the most. This means, regardless of whether it’s food, clothing, or any other subject you’re interested in, then you are likely to find that there are followers who would like to follow your company on Instagram.

9. Engagement on Instagram is important

Engagement on Instagram is rising for companies. It grew in 29 percent from October 2017 between May 2017 and May 2018 (Socialbakers 2018, 2018). This means that brands are able to create more than 4 times more engagement on Instagram as compared to Facebook.

We are aware the fact that Instagram engagement is crucial for businesses, the question remains on what Instagram engagement actually means and how it’s assessed. Instagram engagement refers to the amount of engagement that your followers display towards their Instagram content. It could take the form of comments, likes or shares. Instagram is a visual-based platform, which is among the reasons it enjoys so much engagement. Instagram provides a platform to create various types of content including videos, photos such as live videos, stories and the IGTV application. This can increase the creativity of content because it offers an array of kinds of content to select from. If you’re a company or brand it is essential to make the most of Instagram’s ability to increase interaction. We’ve got plenty of ideas to boost the quality of your Instagram engagement.

10. Instagram’s Impact on the Buyer’s Journey

We’ve covered the positive impact of Instagram for companies however let’s take it one step further. Instagram assists more than 80 percent of Instagrammers decide whether or not to purchase the product or service (Facebook 2019, 2019). Users of Instagram report that they make purchases in response to something they found when browsing the app. Influencer marketing plays an important part in influencing these purchasing decision-making processes and if your company doesn’t use Instagram as an element the social media component of your marketing plan you’re missing an enormous chance. Particularly if you’re specifically targeting the millennial generation.

There are a variety of different strategies that you could employ to influence the buying decisions of buyers on Instagram. This includes Instagram advertisements, interacting with users through stories that are creative or incorporating relevant Instagram hashtags to make them more searchable the whole thing is important when you are doing it correctly. Find additional Instagram guidelines in our website.


Through the years, Instagram has proven itself to be an effective marketing tool for businesses who are seeking to improve their reach and visibility. We’re hoping the 10 Instagram statistics for 2022 have provided a reason the reason why your business should be taking a look at Instagram and also given you ideas for what to do next on the platform.