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How technical staffing agencies can help with recruitment

Today’s record-low unemployment rates combined with a strong and growing economy has created a candidate-driven job marketplace in which all industries are competing for a small number of qualified candidates.
Tight job markets can result in more job vacancies and longer time-to hire periods. This puts a lot of pressure on hiring managers and HR to make their efforts to recruit.

It is even harder to find information technology jobs. It is becoming more difficult to find and hire the right candidate for an open position due to high demand.

An IT staffing agency can offer specific benefits to an organization, such as these four.

Top Benefits of technical staffing agencies

1. Qualified Candidates

An IT staffing agency can access a pool of qualified candidates that is not available to normal organizations through job postings. This access includes passive job seekers, peer referrals, candidates out of your regular geographical area, and many others.

An IT staffing agency can also prescreen candidates using technical assessments. They verify skills and competencies on behalf the hiring company. This will save time, money, as well as administrative effort.

2. Reduced time to hire

Organizations are expensive when they have vacant positions. They have a negative impact on sales, revenue, customer service initiatives, productivity, and morale.

It takes around 30 days to hire someone for a vacant post, regardless of the industry. In information technology, however, this average almost doubles to 56.

Working with a tech recruiter can drastically reduce the time taken to fill a position. Staffing agencies have an extensive database of available candidates. They also work with companies to understand their job requirements and culture, so that the best candidates are submitted.

3. Test before You Buy

Many staffing agencies are able to place candidates on a temporary basis. This is also known as temp-to-perm or contract-to-hire employment. A qualified candidate may be offered permanent employment after a trial period.

This allows for permanent hiring decisions to be made only to those employees who are a good match with the department and the organization. They must have the appropriate skills, competencies and temperament to succeed.

4. Flexibility and Agility

An IT staffing agency will have access to qualified candidates with all the technical skills and expertise. They also have contracts or freelance options. An agency can negotiate a contract that is either project-based or short-term with qualified candidates, giving companies access to an expert on a small project.

This allows a company flexibility and the ability to respond to business changes quickly without the need for a permanent, full-time employee. This helps reduce the workload on employees who may struggle to take on new tasks in addition.

Modern businesses, regardless of industry, rely on technology to manage core business processes and invent new ways to do so. To remain competitive and meet their strategic objectives, they need technology professionals who are skilled.

Tech agencies and tech recruitment firms can help employers find prescreened, qualified applicants in a candidate driven job market. The ability to place qualified candidates in the right environment, as well as saving time and money can help organizations save time and allow them to use their internal resources for more strategic, higher-level goals.