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The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b)

An error code (0xc000007b) is displayed along with the message “Unable To Start Correctly”. This error message occurs when you attempt to open an application in Windows. This usually happens when you upgrade from an older version of Windows.
These methods can be used to help you fix this problem.

Fix 1: Reboot the computer

When you see an error message like “The application could not start correctly”, it is possible that there is something small going on in your computer. Your 0xc000007b problem can be fixed by simply rebooting your computer.

Fix 2: Run the application as an administrator

You can run your application as administrator if you get a 0xc000007b message.

a) Right click the application you wish to open. Then select Properties.

b. Go to Compatibility tab. Click Run this program as administrator. Hit OK.

c. Run your application again to verify that the error has been fixed.

Fix 3: Reinstall your application

Sometimes an application that you are trying to run might have something corrupted. If this happens, uninstall the entire application and then reinstall. Then, run the program to see if the problem disappears.

Fix 4: Reinstall Microsoft.NET framework

Actually, many times the error “The application could not start correctly” is due to issues in Microsoft.NET framework. Microsoft has developed the.NET framework, which is a framework that supports applications that utilize.Net technologies. To fix the issue, you may have to reinstall it.

* Microsoft.NET framework is an integral part Windows 8 and 10. You can’t remove it or reinstall the program manually. The steps below are only applicable to Windows 7 or older versions. Windows 10/8 users may want to update their Windows so that they can install the latest.NET framework.

a) Use Win + R keys. Enter “control” and hit OK.

b. Scroll down in Control Panel until you find and open Programs or Features.

c. One click on each item begins with “Microsoft.NET“. To uninstall these items, click on Uninstall/Change. Follow the steps.

d. Go to the Microsoft.NET Framework download webpage to download and to install the framework.

Fix 5: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

Microsoft Visual C++ Retributable Package is required for multiple applications to run. There are many reasons why files in Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package can become corrupt. This could lead to an error code 0xc000007b. You will need to reinstall these components.

a. Open Programs and Features (as the steps a-b in this method show)

b. Uninstall all items that have the name “Microsoft Visual C++ 2,*** Redistributable”.

c) Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable Packs from Microsoft.
Fix 6: Update Windows

It is possible to fix bugs in your operating system by updating it. During this process, certain programs and features built into Windows, such DirectX, and.NET Framework can be also updated. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your operating system in order to fix the 0xc000007b error.

Fix 7: Run check disk

You may also experience hardware problems, especially with your hard drive. Run Command Prompt to check your disk for errors.

a) Right-click on Start menu, and then type “cmd”. Right click Command prompt in the result, and choose Run as administrator

b) Enter “chkdsk c: /f /r”. This will allow you to repair or check the drive C. If you need to inspect another drive, replace the letter “c” by the letter of that drive. Follow the instructions to complete this process.

c. Next, verify that the problem has been solved.

Fix 8: Change to ChromeOS

Windows is a very ancient technology. Windows 10 is a relatively recent operating system. However, it is still an older operating system that was designed for decades ago (pre-internet).

We now have the internet, fast connection speeds and unlimited web apps (like Gmail Google Docs, Slack and Facebook), so the Windows way of doing business – with locally installed software and local file storage – is completely obsolete.

Why is this a problem? You’re opening up the doors to malware and viruses by installing uncontrolled third party programs. (This problem is made worse by Windows’ unsecure permission system.

Windows has always had problems with how it manages hardware and software. Registry corruptions can occur if your computer crashes unexpectedly or if a program is installed, uninstalled, or updated incorrectly. Windows PCs slow down over time and become unstable.

It doesn’t take much time before you run low on disk space. This can lead to disk fragmentation, which makes everything more slow and unstable.

The easiest way to solve Windows problems for most people is to abandon Windows and switch to a more reliable, secure, simpler to use, and less expensive operating system.