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What Are The Essential Accessories For Drones?

If you’re searching at drone parts, you’ll find that you’re bombarded with various options, some of which are completely ineffective for the majority of people.

In this post, I’ll sort them by importance based on my own experience from many years of flying drones.

It’s a bit difficult to determine which drones are the most effective accessories in the absence of any previous experience using them firsthand and that’s why I’ll concentrate on the ones that bring the most improvement in the overall flight and cinematic effects and not so much on those that are mere games.

We’ll focus primarily on camera drones that are made by such brands as DJI, Xiaomi, Hubsan, Parrot etc and less on FPV drones as this is a completely different class altogether.

1.ND Filters – The most crucial accessory for drones of any camera

Before I started writing this article I looked up other articles to determine whether there was a reason to include another piece of content to the web.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with their suggestions because it suggests that they’ve not used drones for camera correctly.

ND filters can make the biggest impact on the final outcome of the drone camera is intended to be used for, which is making videos and taking photos.

What is ND filters?

The ND filters are sunglasses that you can use on your quadcopter. It’s small, somewhat opaque lens that you can put on top of the main camera of your drone.
What’s the purpose of ND filters on the drone?

ND filters’ main purpose is to block some of the light coming in the camera. What is the reason you would want to use ND filters?

For various reasons, such as preventing glare and eliminating sun reflections that are not natural but the most important of all is keeping the rule of 180 shutters in cinematography.

What is the 180-degree shutter rule?

This explanation may not be enough if are unfamiliar with the basics of cameras I’ll try my hand at explaining the basics:

You probably already know that each camera has a shutter speed. This is how fast the camera flashes in order to allow light through. It’s measured in terms of time (how long it can keep its eyes open in anticipation of each blink).

The amount is typically tiny, like 1/120 or 1/8 (which is the second multiplied by 80).

Also, frame rate which, as you’re aware refers to the number of frames you shoot per second in.

This is why the “180-degree shutter” rule comes into play.

In the event that the shutter rate is not high enough ( it’s a tiny number, like 1/600) it indicates that the drone is blinking very quickly (in the terms of layman’s) and the video will end up looking blurry and not cinematic in any way in any way.

This is very apparent This is especially evident when using drones as there’s almost never a stop within the camera (or otherwise you’ll get bored).

To avoid this and produce smooth, creamy footage you need to create a motion blur. This is made using the 180-degree shutter principle:

The shutter speed you choose should be at least 2x the frame rate.

It’s as simple as that.

For example, if you’re filming in 30 FPS attempt to achieve about 1:60 ( The 60 is 2x 30 in this example). If you’re filming at 60 FPS you should aim to get around 1/1200.

2.Backpacks and Cases Which one is the most effective?

Okay, certain drones come with backpacks or bags straight from their manufacturer however very few offer adequate protection or mobility for other DJI accessories.

One of the most effective ways to make your drone’s transportation more secure and also discover a common way to organize your camera accessories and camera gear is to purchase the right carrying case.

Here are a few advantages a good carrying case could bring:

Waterproofing – Although there are very few cases that are truly waterproof that are waterproof, you will discover that the majority are splashproof and, especially with regard to high-end cases that water will have the most difficult time entering. I’ve dropped my previous Mavic Pro with its hard case in a river when making a film for a rafting event and, after just five seconds in the water, I was able to tell that there was no damage and there was no evidence of water in the case.

Prevention of damage from Brute force In the event that you carry everything you need in your usual backpack could result in the fact that if you sit on it, your expensive drones could be damaged to the point of being unusable. This is why it is important to have a case comes with foam protection (especially sturdy ones) as well as an outer protection casing.

Compartmentalization – Let’s look at the previous scenario where you buy the drone and controller camera batteries, and other accessories and place all of them in the same backpack compartment. The items will be scratched! That’s why having separate compartments for the main equipment will help protect against damage. Be honest I’ve made the same mistake too , and threw three drones into the same backpack. I eventually scratched them which in turn, was more difficult to sell them afterwards.

Slots to store additional accessories such as batteries could not fit into the bag that the drone came with , and it’s difficult to carry them all separately. That’s why I advise the bag you buy to hold at least two more batteries (besides the ones already included inside the drone). Storage pockets and areas for other items like cables or landing pads are a welcome as an addition.

3.Micro SD Card for Drones – What is the importance of this gadget?

Although the decision to purchase an Micro SD card might seem simple, the consequences of making the wrong choice could be far more damaging than other items that is on the list.

I was screaming more about defective Micro SD cards than because of all other drone issues.

Because most drones nowadays are recording in 4K (some even have 8 or 6k, such as Autel Evo 2) Autel Evo 2), the capability to use Micro SD cards to write fast data while recording is of paramount importance.

The resolution alone isn’t the only thing because Bitrate could significantly increase the amount of data that micro SDs can write in a second.

Even the tiniest drones, like that of the Mini 2 shooting in over 100mBps, it’s not surprising that we’re in need of some powerful storage devices to store data.
What are the top Micro SD cards for 4K drones?

Today, most cards support 1080p video, when we go one step further, we should take a look at the following on micro SD cards:

Speed class
Minimum Sequential write speed
Manufacturer (Brand)
Size (I prefer 128GB)

Brand appears to be crucial

Although I usually try to avoid paying an extra fee to purchase branded items I’ve noticed a change this time.

If I’m using non-branded micro SD card, I’ve had more issues (even when they were identical speed classes, in the theory).

The two brands I would recommend is Sandisk as well as Samsung.

4.Sunshade for your drone controller

A sunshade for your Drone Controller should not be not considered an essential accessory until you get out and experience how difficult it is to see anything during a sunny day in your monitor.

This can lead to incorrect cameras, camera crashes and poor photos.
The most effective sunshades for your drone controller.

Since controllers are different in their mounting location, the type of tablets or phones that you’re using may make the lookup for a shade of a drone controller extremely specific.

5.Winter Drone Gloves – surprising important

When I was testing some of the accessories from the maker PGYtech on the DJI Mini 2 I ordered an assortment of winter gloves for photography too.

They’re, for instance, gloves with tops that are removed to allow better control over a screen or camera.

But, they do be extremely compatible with flying drones as well.

There were many times that I faced an issue with flying during winter(besides less battery life) which was wanting to return home, and my hands shaking.

The gloves resolved all of these issues in a flash. It’s wonderful to not experience a cold hand when operating highly sensitive devices for flying.

DJI Osmo Pocket – the perfect pocket camera accessory

If you’re looking to make videos using drones There’s a good possibility that you’ll need to mix them with footage from the ground.

The most effective way to ensure that you don’t be spending much money on a costly camera drone and stabilized is to buy Osmo Pocket. Osmo Pocket.

It can be a fantastic addition to your drone footage. It’s also extremely stable due to the 3 axis system.

Lanyard The lanyard “how to make sure you don’t accidentally drop your controller on the floor”

A controller falling over can be expensive, which is why using an appropriate neck-strap (lanyard) to secure it could be an inexpensive method to ensure it’s safe.

You can also rest on your belly when you’re looking to use your hands at the same time.

Your own landing pad tiny Helidrome

If you’d like to feel like a helicopter pilot , or just want to avoid landing in the grass and ruin your drone, purchasing landing pads could make all the difference.

Due to their vibrant hues (usually blue one way, and an orange side) drone landing pads are excellent accessories to assist your drone to land more precisely.

As more powerful drones come with bottom facing sensors that are able to detect the place they land and this unique surface can assist in locating the drone more accurately.

Lipo battery bag – safety first

This drone is crucial for safety, especially for those who travel and you are planning to fly your drone to airports.

A battery bag made of lipo is constructed from fireproof materials and ensures that in the event that any battery is damaged and caught it burns it will not spread to other locations.

The typical smart batteries you’ll discover in DJI drones are equipped with safety systems installed, however they are still able to explode (from personal experiences) and it’s always better to be cautious when travelling.

It also makes security at airports less anxious around you.

Tablet holder – essential accessory for people who use tables

Utilizing a tablet as drones can significantly enhance your perspective of what you’re shooting but the majority of controllers aren’t with the capability to work with larger tablets.

This is the point where a tablet holder steps in and expands the possibilities. When paired with a sunshade, it will make your setting different from your standard one (in the best way).

DJI Drone Accessories

Because this is the most well-known and popular company, I’ll begin with a list of top products for well-known models of the DJI collection.