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What is Apple HomeKit, and what does it do?

If you’re interested in making your home one that is smart, which can sense your needs and helps you live a more comfortable living and makes it easier, it is Apple HomeKit definitely deserves a take a look.

What is HomeKit? and what is it used for?.

Simply stated, Apple HomeKit is a controller that manages and connects all of the smart devices in your home (which work in conjunction with Apple HomeKit) through one app or portal. It is HomeKit needs more than an iOS gadget (running iOS 10 or later) including the AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or a HomePod to connect with your devices.

With Apple HomeKit, you can control all your smart devices, like smart lighting and thermostats, smart door locking systems, HVAC units and many more. They can also be linked to one another and synchronised. For instance, if you have smart lighting and smart blinds, you can design scenes that trigger each device’s actions to get you up at a particular time. It is possible to create several of these scenes, and automate a significant portion of your device’s activities.

Why should you use HomeKit? It is the app you use to control your home. HomeKit.

Home App is the central device for controlling various devices. The majority of HomeKit switch devices are equipped with applications of their own, and by using the Home App it is possible to keep all of them in one place and connect them. You are able to only make scenes and add automatization using The Home App.

A Home App is connected to Control Center, 3D Touch quick actions and, obviously Siri. It is also able to be synced with Apple’s storage service, and used across different devices connected to the iCloud.

Which smart devices are connected to HomeKit.

Each device that has the label “Works in conjunction with Apple HomeKit” is compatible with HomeKit. The most well-known devices that can be used to create smart homes are lights, thermostats as well as smart plugs, locks, security cameras, doorbells and more. You can get the entire range on Apple webpage here.

How does it compare to other systems.

Each platform has strengths. However, we have found that certain aspects of Apple HomeKit score highly with its users. This includes its automated scenes and geofence (certain things occur after the last person leaves the location) as well as the versatility and interconnectedness it gives throughout the house, as well as its design options. Although Apple HomeKit is a home automation system, Apple HomeKit needs an Apple device (which could be a reason to avoid certain) as an entry point, it provides improved security features built into iOS security, as well as Apple’s inclination for privacy for its users.

The move towards cross-compatibility is expected to ensure that devices and platforms are more connected and inclusive. Therefore, the only thing to think about is the ease and functionality of use. This makes Apple HomeKit a serious contender to control of your home’s security.