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What is Power Automate and Who is It For?

Microsoft Flow, now rebranded as Power Automate, is a tool that allows users to automate their tasks and processes in your Office 365 workflow. Microsoft Office 365 has a diverse set of apps that are vital to the business processes and hundreds of companies. Applications like:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneDrive

and others. Microsoft software performs each one of them, however each application is in its individual “lane” and doesn’t typically communicate with other applications. Microsoft Flow and Power Automate let the apps speak to one another and take actions based on triggers generated by other applications.

What does the Power Automate Do?

Microsoft Power Automate is a software that can automate processes and tasks through the connection of various platforms and applications. Users are able to join Microsoft Office 365 applications to each other , or to a huge selection of other applications however, in cloud and on-premises environments.

Automated processes can be swiftly and easily made, meaning anyone with an knowledge about Office 365 can create basic automations to make their day-to-day working life more efficient. Advanced users can make use of Microsoft Power Apps or Power BI to develop customized business procedures. Utilizing workflows (also called flows) Users can quickly define how the applications will be interconnected.

Workflows, Templates and Connectors

A workflow, on a fundamental level, is the process of defining an action that initiates an action. A good example is when the user gets an email message from a coworker which includes an attachment the file gets uploaded onto SharePoint. The user receives an email message from a member of the team and sending the file to SharePoint. Workflows could be as simple as two steps, or extremely complex, with many steps and different applications.

Flow templates are built-in automation tools provided by Microsoft which cover the most common uses of Power Automate. A variety of pre-built templates are available and cover the most popular applications , including Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox and the social networks, SQL server, and other.

Connectors let users join and connect directly to many of the applications within Microsoft Office 365. Connectors allow users to connect directly into a variety of apps Microsoft Office 365 suite and across the internet. The growing list of connectors comprises Facebook, Salesforce (and other CRM systems), Azure, Google products such as Drive, Gmail, and Sheets, Slack, and many more.

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Making use of Power Automate Workflows for business

Power Automate is an important ability for any company. Automating business processes can boost efficiency across departments, keep all stakeholders updated, and make day-today tasks simpler. Power Automate automate workflows can;

Inform sales teams about deals and opportunities in the CRM.
Push notifications to notify you when urgent emails arrive
Documents should be archived and organized.
Check the social media profiles and perform the marketing process
Make sure users are reminded to perform daily actions, whether weekly, or every quarter. actions

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