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Why Use A Custom Application Developer?

A lot of businesses require specific software tools to provide services to their clients. Custom software development develops software specifically designed to meet the particular requirements of these businesses as well as their users. For instance banks use specialized software designed to give customers easy access while also protecting sensitive information by utilizing top security features.

Let’s have a review of the differentiators between off-the-shelf and custom software. We’ll also discuss the other advantages that customized software can bring to any industry or organization.

Custom software development involves creating, developing, the deployment and maintenance of software to meet the needs of specific businesses as well as users or business functions. Although it uses the similar SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) as the off-the-shelf version, custom software development is focused on a specific list of requirements that are specific to specific groups of users. Off-the-shelf software however is able to meet the needs of companies for example, Microsoft Office for office productivity and to create websites such as.

Why should you choose a custom-designed software?

Customized software allows businesses to offer unique solutions to clients. But does every unique solution require a customized software?

A lot of off-the-shelf software products come with APIs that allow customization or connecting with other software. In this way, some enterprise applications may appear distinctive and be powered by the same software.

If you’re planning to create software for your company but you’re not sure if customized instead of off the shelf software will be the best option You’ll have be aware of the benefits you’re hoping to realize and the amount you’re willing to shell out. There’s plenty of information here to allow you to figure out which one to select.

Seven Benefits To Using A Custom Application Developer Near Sheffield

Understanding the advantages from custom-designed software for clients and business will assist you in making the best decisions for your needs and your company.

1. Unique Solution that belongs to You and Your Business Only

The main reason to develop customized software is that your company would like to control the software. Companies can use the software to manage functions, create data, methods, etc. Through customized software, companies can change their settings whenever they wish, update important details and incorporate feedback from their customers. Engaging with customers improves the credibility and enduringness of your company’s relationship with clients.

2. A Personalized Solution

Every user or customer would like to feel that their experience with a company is personal. Being treated as a person is an important element in ensuring that customers are satisfied. If a business offers more customized solutions, it enhances the value of the relationship between customer and business. The added value creates customers’ loyalty and increases retention.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Mckinsey’s statistics show 70% of customers are expecting companies to provide customized solutions, while 76% are frustrated when companies do not. Understanding the significance of a personalised user experience, developing customized software is essential to ensure satisfaction of customers.

4. Security

Off-the-shelf software is typically easier to hack since they are open-source software. Attackers and hackers are aware of the weaknesses of these programs, while customized software is an open source project that is only accessible to your staff. Therefore, the risk of intrusions are reduced.

5. Integration

With the help of developers who are on staff or retained in the company, integrating custom software into the software you already have in place for business should be simple. Furthermore, custom software will be able to integrate existing processes without needing to adhere to the restrictions of an API that is not a standardized API.

6. Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses are able to make modifications at any time to custom software according to the demands of their company. If you’re in the know you’ll see scalability as a aspect that you have included as a requirement within the initial scope of your project. Off-the-shelf apps are, however aren’t able to be changed at will. If you alter any aspect, you’ll likely be violating the terms of your agreement to license with the off-the-shelf provider which makes it difficult to maintain the usability and maintenance of the software.

7. Reliability

Reliability of applications is essential for every business. A custom-built solution can be more safe and reliable since you control all rights to determine the way it is developed and maintained. Custom software developers typically employ the most advanced tools and the most advanced security standards as the final product will reflect on the individual developer. So you can count on the highest quality and performance.

Tips: In addition having custom software developed certain owners create mobile apps for their business to assist customers in shopping and stay informed about corporate events.

Important Factors to Consider Prior to Selecting a Custom Software

Here are some statistics that should be considered by every company in deciding among custom development of software or the shelf-shelf purchase of software.

1. The development of custom software requires qualified developers, time and effort which makes planning for your company’s requirements extremely important.

2. As we’ve mentioned earlier 71% of customers are expecting companies to offer individualized solutions and 76% of them are disappointed when this doesn’t happen.

3. About 17.7 percent of businesses said that constant performance and management of load testing is one of the biggest problems for the development team

4. The typical customized software project can take approximately 4 to 12 months for completion according to the level of the complexity

5. According to Goodfirms:

On average, a custom software development project takes about 4.5 months
The cost for developing custom software that has basic functions is around $36,000.
The costs associated with custom-designed software development can range between $3,000 and $120,000


You are aware of your customer’s requirements better than other companies and your customer is all that matters to you. Determine the trends that are relevant to your customer and create application software that addresses these patterns whenever it is feasible. More personalized customer experiences generate higher customer satisfaction for your business. When your budget and your business is able to do so you should consider custom software development that will help you improve your interaction with your customers and build loyalty.