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Top attractions, places to visit, and things to do in Chester

Filled with amazing history, incredible places to go to, awesome attractions, along with fun filled bars, Chester, England isn’t any question one of the favorite English cities of mine! When you are planning a trip to this ancient Roman city, I have got just the list for you. Here is the greatest attractions, places to go to, and activities to do in Chester, UK! And stick around for the conclusion, wherever I will demonstrate the very best places in which to stay Chester.

Right after spending almost five months collectively close to the town of Chester, I have had a blast exploring the Roman walls of its, strolling through the cobblestone roads of its, admiring the picturesque two story rows of its, and also – of course – taste testing most pints in the fun bars of its and clubs.

Throughout this particular time, Chester is now one of the all time favorite cities of mine in England.

Listed here are just a couple issues that make Chester absolutely awesome:

✓ Its captivating and ancient Roman history.
✓ How freakin’ ancient several of the bars are (seriously – older compared to the United States itself!).
✓ The gorgeous River Dee running through it.
✓ One word: Chester Rows – located solely in a single place through the entire world: Chester.
✓ Its unbelievably magnificent cathedral.
✓ Super duper classic Roman walls that entirely encircle Chester’s city centre.
✓ It is incredibly cute and completely ideal for photos.

Seriously, this small city has everything! I am very fortunate I get to spend the majority of the time of mine here when Dan and I are with the family of his in Wales. It is such an ideal place to stroll about. Days outside in Chester are the very best days!

Anyways, after spending therefore a lot of time here, I have nailed down the most effective places to go to and the way to make the most of the time of yours of the city, which means you never have to wonder how to proceed in Chester once again!
Walk the Chester City Walls

Foremost and first, when coming in to the community you will see magnificent Chester Architecture, the ancient walls completely encircle the city center. Those eventually be the early Roman Walls, built more than 2000 years of age. Cool, right?

In reality, Chester is the one remaining city in Britain who is walls continue to be entirely intact! And practically as a rite of passage, you have to walk the walls! Undoubtedly, this’s a must do thing in Chester.

Approximately two miles of course, walking the wall space provides you with great views of the town under, as you walk directly in addition to the structure itself. Also, you will get some terrific insight into Chester’s past. Throughout the stroll, valuable signs and plaques display information that is fascinating about the city.

Certainly do not overlook the Chester City Walls! They are 1 of the absolute favorite places of mine to go to in Chester.

check out the Chester Cathedral

Boasting beautiful structure, gorgeous stained glass windows, awe worthy archaeological artifacts, and also adorned with breathtaking towers, spectacular spires, along with sky reaching ceilings, the Chester Cathedral is little doubt impressive.

Created as a Benedictine abbey in 1092, it was unique made in the Norman or Romanesque style, that can continue to be seen now in components of the cathedral.

Although, in 1250 the Chester Cathedral was rebuilt in the Gothic approach. A procedure that took roughly 250 years and led to the spectacular structure we come across today!

As a prominent icon, the Chester Cathedral is no question one the bucket list issues to-accomplish about Chester.

Look at the Roman Amphitheater

An amazing website handled by the English Heritage team, the Chester Roman Amphitheater may be the biggest in Britain.

Dating again to eighty six AD, the amphitheater was found by the archaeologist W. J. Walrus Williams every time a hole was turned for the justification of the Ursuline Convent to use a home heating system.

Nowadays, the amphitheater may be walked around and also explored. Guests are able to observe ruins of the areas where fighters will delay, the block which could keep and also anchor creatures (such as lions or bulls), along with a big painted mural depicting what the amphitheater would’ve looked like in previous times.